UCL API is a student-built platform for developers to improve the experience of everyone at UCL.

Our Goals

Make Simple Interfaces

The endpoints are streamlined to enable any developer to easily pick up and use the API. We hope that developers of all abilities find our endpoints and website easy to navigate. We want integrating with our API to be the easiest part of your development proces.

Put Documentation First

As developers we feel the pain of bad documentation: this is why we are strive to write clear and concise documentation. We want you to spend less time worrying about how to use our API and more time thinking about how to revolutionise the student experience. With good documentation we allow you to focus on building helpful application.

Enable Developers

We want the API to be able to support any idea, no matter how big, that improves students' lives. We are always open to suggestions for new endpoints and functionality so we can enable a greater range of applications to be developed. We cannot wait to see what you will develop!

Get Started using our APIs

Try out the API

import requests

params = {
	 "token": "undefined",
	 "date": "20240719",
	 "results_per_page": "1",
r = requests.get("/roombookings/bookings", params=params)

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The UCL Marketplace contains all known public integrations with the UCL API. We are constantly looking for more to add to the marketplace and promote so we would love to hear about your creations so we can add them!

One of these applications is UCL Assistant! An app created by the UCL API team to provide students with a reliable way to check their timetable, find empty rooms and locate study spaces.

Frequently asked questions

UCL API is a platform for interacting with data that is usually difficult to obtain or hidden in internal UCL systems. The aim is to enable student developers to develop tools for other UCL students to enrich their lives at UCL. Almost every API returns JSON which is simple to parse and interpret in most modern programming languages.

It is student-built platform, backed and supported by UCL's Information Services Division (ISD). This means that all of the features in UCL API have been developed by students and are aimed at students such as yourself, so jump right in!

You need to be affiliated with UCL because authentication (for both developers & end users) is done via the UCL login system.

UCL API is open source. Our source code is available on a public Github repository for anybody to clone and inspect. Find an bug? Feel free to open an Issue or even a Pull Request with a proposed fix! We also have annual hiring windows to recruit more students as others graduate, so keep an eye on our social media accounts.

UCL API is and always will be completely free to use.

You do! We have no claim on your IP. However, we do request you include a shoutout somewhere. This helps raise awareness of UCL API and the vast amount of data available. It may not always be possible to include this attribution in an unintrusive manner (e.g. in a Slack bot), so we're flexible on this. The more people aware of UCL API and who use apps powered by UCL API, the better the platform will be. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out!