UCL Assistant

An app to manage your student life at UCL

✨✨A brand new and beautiful app to manage your student life at UCL!✨✨

✅ View your personal timetable and get instant directions to your lectures.

✅ Check the availability of all UCL libraries and study spaces, including in the new Student Centre. Want to know which floor or room has the most seats free? You now have that information right in the palm of your hand! Not sure which seats are free? No problem! Just use the live seating maps to see every seat that has been unoccupied for over half an hour on whichever library floor you choose

✅ Search for members of the UCL community, including students and lecturers, and tap to email them. Nice and easy!

✅ Find every centrally bookable room t UCL, see how big it is and whether it is currently in use, and then tap to navigate right there.

✅ Made with love 💖 by and for students

✅ Fully open source. Got feedback, suggestions or even some new code to improve the app? We welcome it:


This app and its platform have been built by the UCL API Team, a group of students working with UCL's Information Services Division (ISD) to provide students with a brand new ecosystem that allows anyone within the UCL Community to build apps with UCL data. Interested in building an app just like UCL Assistant yourself? Head over to uclapi.com and log in with your UCL Account.