Student reviews of UCL modules

Unikomet is a platform built by students at UCL to enable other students to post anonymous reviews of their modules. Through the website all students at UCL can visit and post reviews and ratings for other students to see. This allows future students to make more informed decisions about

Unikomet can be used by students to review their modules, as well as see reviews from other students. Some ways the reviews can be helpful are:

  • 🚀 The student satisfaction ratings!
  • 🚀 The personal student reviews!
  • 🚀 A platform for giving student cohorts a voice!

We believe Unikomet can be very helpful for many students, from those who are looking for that extra guidance to pick the right modules, to applicants who want to find out more about student satisfaction in the modules they're interested in. And importantly, Unikomet can also be an extremely valuable tool through which students at large can express their opinions about something that is so important.

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