Six practical functions to help students

Realtime studyspaces seating map

You can view a live map showing which seats are available on each floor in the library. You no longer need walk around the library hunting for a vacant seat.


You can view your personal timetable within WeChat. This is much easier then using UCL Go for your timetable.

Questions and Answers

The question and answer section answers common questions such as:

  • What is there to do on the weekend in London?
  • What good restraunts are there in London?
  • What are the best locations in London to rent for students?
  • And much more!


An area dedicated to creating memes of teachers or classmates

Name search

The name search feature allows you to find the name and email of your lecturers or friends. This helps you contact anybody at UCL.

Job search information

The Job search information is a whole section dedicated to providing information about internships and resume advice. It is updated with recruitment information and application deadlines for major companies on a regular basis.

The internship opportunities come to you!